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Kymora "seemed" like an easy enough product to buy, well, you live and learn. This lesson cost me 50 dollars.

I did get the credit for my purchase and regardless of wether my "free" items fit or not I was not to send them back. I explained to the customer service rep that I didn't need to keep them if they were too big. She quoted me company policy. I now have 20/20 hind sight and will not recommend them to anyone.

I did explain to her that it was outrageously overpriced shipping and handling but a pretty good deal for the company since they get to keep more than 1/2 of my money.

Seems like this is illegal !!

Monetary Loss: $86.

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Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States #26573

I just purchased this product and have the same experience with the return policy. When I ordered the product, the CS rep asked for my stats and ordered what she thought was the appropriate size for me -- NOT!

It was too small, and I don;t think I like the product. The return policy was not discussed, and I'm surprised to learn that less than half of what was charged to me will be refunded. Now I'm stuck with a product that I don't really like.

What's worse is that there is no live CS rep to talk to! What the heck!

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