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I bought into the Kymaro product and soon had one on its way to me. I only ordered the top half of the slim and shape product but when I recieved it I was surprised at how hard it was to get on.

It barely fit over my hips and it was a struggle to just get it beyond that point. It did not cut my size down by even one inch. I was just as lumpy looking as before putting it on. The TV ad makes it sound so dreamy and that once on you will look slimmer and more streamlined.

It also made me sweat and my skin became itchy soon afterwards. It was ill fitting under the arm after about an hour it dug under my arm in the front and left raw marks to prove it. I could not touch that area without some pain for several hours after I removed it while at work. I had hoped for the back support since I work behind computers and tend to roll my shoulders but found that too was lacking.

It limited my mobility and made the simplist of motions hard.

I was not pleased with the product and will be making the attempt to return it shortly.

Monetary Loss: $49.

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