I am sorry that so many people are dissatisfied with the Kymora Body Shaper. A professional fitter recommended it to me because I needed a good uplifting bra plus support around the middle. An all-in-one body shaper will sometimes pull your bust down if it isn't long enough in the body, but the Kymora doesn't because you use your own bra with it.

The first time it was a little difficult to get on but after that I found it quite easy and it definitely does pull me in and make me stand up straighter. My advice is to make sure you buy the right size and that will probably make it a lot easier.

I have since bought another one in Wal-Mart in the "As Seen on TV" section so that shows that I like it and will continue to wear it.

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Austin, Texas, United States #658880

I have 5 kymaros. Love them but I dont understand the sizing charts online.

I bought mine from Wal-Mart and they say LARGE. Im 5'2" and 200lbs and wear a 40D.

Online it has sizes 1 thru 5. Dont want to have same complaints as others when ordering online. And YES I did notice the seperate shipping charges.

I dont have a problem with that, because each one at Wal-Mart costs 30 bucks EACH!

So instead of paying $30 for each of the 6 items at Wal-Mart ( total $180 ) , I pay only $79.70 for all 6 !!! Good deal.

Besides the hidden size chart, I have only one complaint, shoulder straps are rough and thin. I love my kymaros :)

to NormaJean Orlando, Florida, United States #658891

It's best to buy them in Wal-Mart because you only need to buy one and you can try them on, I bought an XXL because at that time I weighed about 213 lbs. I have lost 31 lbs so I will be buying a smaller size soon.

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