I purchased the Kymara on-line at ebay. It arrived yesterday, I put it on this morning and after wearing it for about 10 minutes, the entire bottom part of it is now wrapped around my waist.

It doesn't stay in position. So I tried repositioning it and putting my slacks on to "hold" the bottom half of it in place. No luck, after moving around the house normally, the entire lower half of it is bunched up and wrapped around my waist.

I have 2 distinct rolls, one below the bust (spare tire) and one that starts at the bunching at my waist. What a rip off.

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Me too. Bought one size llarger. Works better by doesn't hold in rolls


Because of many surgeries my abs weren't. I have to wear a binder all of the time.

I had been looking for some type of corset or something along that line. Saw the infomercial, tried it,love it. If you have to have support 24-7 this is the best I've found.

I'm just a grandma that likes to feel like I have muscle, even if I have to put it on! ;)


Throw this garbage away, start eating more healthily, and exercise!!! This is utterly ridiculous.


i ve ordered mine havent recievec it yet,but hope it looks sexcy,saw few peoples bodies look realy nice i know must be the kymaro.cant wait to recieve mine n wear n show my hubby.but not gonna tell nobody.it will stay a secret.


I LOOOOVE LOOOOVE LOOOOOOOOOOVe the body shaper. I can't believe how thin I look.

I didn't get the bottoms cause, hey I already have a nice but, why would I want to make it smaller? but I have the top. I tried on 2 at walmart the size large and the size medium. The large was too wide but long enough and the medium was just right but too short.

So I went with the medium. My only complaint is that it isn't longer but it's not so bad that I have to fiddle with it all of the time. I have such an odd body type though so what do expect. But after having 2 kids 1 year 1 month and 1 day apart I think the body shaper makes look like I never had any at all.

Some one actually saw me with my 17 month old and my 4 month old and couldn't believe they were mine! I'm just hoping that I won't have to wear it forever. cause it wold be nice to lose the extra 20 pounds. Not that you can tell that I need to lose it with this amazing body shaper!!!!!!!!!!


I asked my baby daddy how it looked and he said "great!...

too bad we have to take it off." lol. I love this thing!


I got my first black one through an infomercial. I loved it!

After a year, I saw that a store in town had them. Bought another. Here it is year 3 and I see them at Walgreen's. They are great for posture and tummy tuck.

The only draw back? When I don't have it on...I feel like I'm just a 'muffin top' with all of me just 'hanging'.

I think I'll wear them for ever!!! :)


I found them on Walgreens website as mentgioned above...free shipping. Will check it out! At least you can return it there and get all your money back!


I purchased one and liked it so well I got another.

I wore it today for 30min as I did my walking exercies and it stayed in place.

It helps support my back.


Try a yummy tummy :p


Like many others on here, I was just about to order when I found this site thankfully. I have the one piece Flexees from Kohls, and just love it, but was going to try this. Now I won't, thank you so much!!!!


Gave them my measurements, height and weight. They suggested a size.

I told them it sounds too big and it was. Not made for short people; it didn't trim my "tire" at all and the bottoms come down to my knees. I tried tucking them, but it wouldn't stay tucked. I'm glad I only got one.

Wasted almost $70. Beware! If you know you're body stick to what you know and don't be persuaded by their suggestions. I should've bought another "Squeem".

It's rubber but has cotton lining. It has great hold, shapes you well and lifts the busts so well, I never have to wear a bra with it.

I just hate carefully washing it by hand, it takes a while to dry. You have to wash it to regain it's shape.


This thing was HORRIBLE! Made me look much worse and yes, it was the right size.

$80 total with shipping for all the "freebies." Returned everything in original boxes & only received a $39 refund. Despite my receipt only showing $12.95 S&H, they claimed it was $40.


Try a larger size - that always happens when you buy too small


:grin I love mine. I ordered 2 from ebay and am about to guy 2 more.

If you order the right size they are wonderful! I get a lot of compliments!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #144694

Boy am I glad I read this page, save my money.

Thanks girls


I have 3 and wear one almost every day....you bought it too small....these are great...it smooths you out and by wearing your own bra you get the lift that you don't get when you wear a one pc. girdle.....love them.


walmart now sells this product i was going to buy one this week,but i'm glad i stumbled on this page, nothing on the as seen on tv ads seem to work. my husband and i have tried these products and none of them work like they say. thanks so much for this information i know have extra money in my pocket.


You've just ordered it too small. Try the next size up and you won't have this problem.


Thanks you just saved me the money.


I am so glad i found and read this page.

I was just about to order 2 body shapers.

I saw the demonstrations on T.V., the

before and afters and thought, it was for me. No more, i'll save my money and hold it in (till something better comes along).

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