I purchased the body slimmer and they only asked for my bra size. When I recieved it my daughter who is a size 0 could not even get it over her hips.

When I called there was noone to talk to and no website that I could respond to. I told them my overall height and weight during the discussion and I do not understand how what they sent me could fit anyone.

Now when I would like to refund or exchange or even understand what the sizing is I can not get ahold of anyone. Now i am uncertain of how to proceed

Monetary Loss: $129.

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Good advice Gyped, report to your state attorney generals office and contact your credit card company to have the charge reversed from their side. A class action suite should be filed against KYMARO.

They send wrong sized items, mislead their return policy, misadvertise their 100% refund satisfaction, and cause entrapment of consumer in their fraud and scam of handling charges and return policy.

They should be imediately banned from tv infomercial privilages so also contact the FCC and file a complaint.


I'm spanish and I don't speak english very well, and when I do my order I ask if they will be able to give me all my money back and she toll me of course and is free the shiping, but they lie to me. The pants was just garbage they charge 10.00 dollars for the shapers and they say it is free, but the worst part I pay 9.92 dollars for return the pants and they charge 95.75 USD for this order, please any body doing this mistake, it was my first time and I never going a make.

If some body can help me whit this fraud I apreciate. Thanks.


I think you should complain to your State for fraud. You may not get your money back, but if enough people complain to their state attorney for both Internet fraud and misrepresentation, they might close them down.

A class action suit might get some money back. I'm from Wisconsin and will be contacting my Atty Genl for consumer fraud.

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