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I want to thank everyone for posting their experiences with this KYMARO thing!I also saw the infomercial & thought WOW I will order that..I called to place the order on the phone & when she told me how much, I said forget was lots more than they said on TV..shipping for all was ridiclous!!Then it dawned on me that I should look on Ebay because lots of times you can get the same item cheaper.It was basically the same on Ebay but I decided to ask the sellers on a couple of them what size did they suggest for my size which is (12 in clothing)all of them told me something different..really none of them wanted to suggest anything to me so I decided to look @ the reviews & boy am I happy that I did...I will not even go there...if it sounds too good to be true then it normally is!Thanks to the person who suggested (almost)the same thing from JC PENNEY..I will try that..@ least I can try on before I buy!!!

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