Hollis Center, Maine

Thank you for posting reviews of the Kymora body shaper. I was looking online to try and purchase when I saw these reviews.

You all saved me time, trouble and money. I will not buy! I agree that it looks so good on TV. But apparently its just a scam to sell inferior products.

I'm sorry for all your experiences, but your postings will help many others avoid the same pitfall. I believe in karma, and you all should have good things happen to you 10 times over for as much as you've helped others by your reviews.

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I purchased a Kymaro Body Shaper from the tv add and I like it. I wear it everyday.

I think if you're too overweight and looking for a miracle you should consider lipo or a bypass or something. The Kymaro is a good product but it will not work miracles. Buy the right size and it will smooth out those rolls.

The only complaint I would have about my Kymaro is that it rubs a little bit on my underarm area, but hey, if there was no fat there it wouldn't have anything to rub, right. I will be buying another Kymaro for myself and for my daughter also.


quit haten cause it didnt work for you


Good day, i bought my Kymaro, nr 2. Too big, return for nr 1.

Works perfectly around problem areas, even think about get the full body kymaro. Remember no miracles in one day.


I love my Kymora! Maybe those of you that are complaining ordered the wrong size!

Those of you thinking about trying one but still iffy.

You can get it at Bed Bath & Beyond, if you dont like it return it to the store. No hassles with the mail.


I received my body shaper, and love it just as the commerical said it helped with my problem spots. I am ordering another set today for my daughter. thanks Kymora


i sent back your product please credit

my account in the amount of 69.75.

I live at 3850 canyon cove drive,

Lake Havasu Az. 86404. If not I will contact my bank and other procedures will

take place. Thanks, helen fraser


I'm defiantly not buying this product after reading these reviews. You have all saved me & alot of other people time & money.

I had the infomerical # saved in my phone untill I had enough money to order it.

Thanks again & the people responsible for scamming will get theirs in the end. Karma sucks!


Thanks consumers, don't fear your voice is heard. If you didn't get your refund you sure stopped them from getting my money. I will look elsewhere.


Same here. saw the commercial and went right away to the internet to read reviews. Thanks for saving me the money and headache but as the previous writer wrote I hope karma will reward you many times over.


I agree, thank you for posting the truth. It saves the rest of us a lot of money, not to mention headaches.

Good luck in your search for a better product.

I know my search continues.

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