I was about to order the Kymaro Body Shaper but I wanted to read a little on consumer reports.Well from reading all of the so many negative reviews I decided not to and will continue purchasing my under-garments at local dept stores where I can try on first before investing.

I don't need under-garments bunching me up and making me feel uncomfortable, especially after spending a fortune for it. I am dissapointed of the bad reviews on this product. As far as the shipping goes, a lot of these infomercial products should be outlawed with their hidden fees to the consumer. I guess their is a law that protects the shipping as long as the item is free, but nontheless as a consumer we are actually paying for the purchase cause if you weighed the item yourself at the local postal station it would not cost as much.

Now their should be a law for over charged shipping.

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im reading all your comments and most are about size and th return policy, really ppl your all dummies...you should have ask a lot of questions about size like say how about short ppl with big stomach an small hips..ask questions and you shouldnt have to return your body shapers!!!!!!! common sense!!!!!!!! research before you buy!


I saw the Kymaro Body Shaper on TV and decided to order but before that I thought I'd look for reviews.Thanks to you ladies, I did not buy it.

However I saw this comment posted above and decided to go to the Ardyss website and Wow that body suit is so expensive. $140 dollars for that garment. No way. I'm sorry but the United States is a little empty in the pockets for that one.

I'm better off with duct tape or plastic wrap around my belly.

Guess it's back to Slim&lift I go.That one has always worked so I guess I'll stick with it.


I am a distributor for Ardyss International. Look at our Body Magic garment. IT IS THE ONLY GARMENT THAT ALLOWS YOU TO INSTANTLY REDUCE 3 SIZES IN 10MINS & Lose weight naturally or define your current figure. Results will become permanent with continuous wear. NO PILLS, DIETS, SURGERY OR EXERCISE…..NO LIE!


For questions email me at Ardyss@bodynature now or

Call me at 615-945-5117


Our garments also assist those with back problems and pain. It was designed by an orthopedic surgeon.

Ebeltoft, Arhus, Denmark #6329

Sorry about all the typos in my review. As you can see I was angry and paid no attention to my spelling :sigh

Ebeltoft, Arhus, Denmark #6328

I made the huge mistake of buyer the Kymaro body shaper on ebay, thinking since it was cheaper I had less to lose.Even so I am one pissed off consumer.

The bottoms ripped as I put them on. I bought my size and the top was to big. And now I can'r even return them. Even tho, I feel, they are defective since the bottoms ran, in 2 different spots.

What a lousy product.:(

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