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I have seen this commercial for many weeks now and was very hesitant in ordering this product. I should have followed my first instincts.

This product is not what they say it is. First after spending almost $70.00 for this. I wore it one time and it ripped. The material on this item is a piece of sh@t!

I lost money because they wouldn't return all of my money. This product rolls up when you try to pull your pants up. On top on that it makes you itch. I would have been better off going to walmart to buy something similiar at least I wouldn't half to pay extra because I wanted black.

If you are smart they need to stop advertising this junk on t.v. commericals.

A very unsatisfied customer.

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Points, West Virginia, United States #93617

I have had my Kymaro Body Shaper for 3 months now and I love it! I have had no problems whatsoever.

It really does what it says in will do in the commercials.

I have friends who also purchased one and they haven't had any problems either. Maybe you brought the wrong size.

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