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first of all there is no monet back period, false advertisment i wold say iam thinkink about suing the company they said on t.v.that it would be 19.95 yea right you end up paying 100.00 for something that don't work.

we as woman want to look good for what ever reason, and this company didn;t only lie to there cusumers but they pissed me off and lowerd my self a steam.this people just dont realize how hard it is for us to look good must less lie to us about a un successful product.I will and persue a law suit against the whole company no where in there garuntee that it said we have to pay more than what they say on t. v.


Monetary Loss: $69.

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6. Written by kidz123, on 10-03-2011 00:25

"While your in the mood to correct someones comment its not sue for (comething)its SOMETHING.And its not (SAWYING) its SAYING.So that same education you were suggesting for their self esteem you might want to tag along and get a little for yourself.Just a thought."

You are so hypocritical. How are you going to make fun of her spelling when you don't even know that it's not (YOUR), it's (YOU'RE). you need to get your cranium checked.


All I have to say is...go to Walgreen's. No processing fees. :zzz


You know what I think, I think this women is upset that she was scammed and she is trying to express her feeling and you people who sit there and take the time out to correct her errors are just ignorant.I mean really what does food stamps have to do with her being upset about a product she feels does not work.

Seems like babycakes101 and MadBlackWomen were the only two who gave positive feedback instead of insulting someone.Jeez...Learn to have some compassion for others.


If you want to start a law suit I will help you.You will not be able to file suit based on losing money from the processing fees and the cost of the merchandise, but the false advertisement and claims can be substantiated in court.

Garbage is garbage and there is no way around that, except picking it up and throwing it away!

As for the other negative comments, they probably work for the *** company.


To giltalk519,kidz123,

Both of you should be ashamed of yourselves, for making such comments to someone. Remember you will be measured by the same measure that you use. May God bless you both.....


@ giltalk519


While your in the mood to correct someones comment its not sue for (comething)its SOMETHING.And its not (SAWYING) its SAYING.So that same education you were suggesting for their self esteem you might want to tag along and get a little for yourself.Just a thought.


I ordered the thing for 29.95 plus the others with their "processing fee" it came to just under 80 bucks.I was not surprised, I know marketing scams and all, but it seems to me that if they said the extra pieces were 9.99 with free shipping it would be seem more honest.

They should also make it clear that they only refund the full priced item.

from what i understand from this site they don't even do that.after reading some of these reviews I CANCELED MY ORDER!!!!!!


it says in the commercial that there is a processing fee for the "free" items.Also your self esteem (not a steam) might be improved with some education.

Please don't waste your food stamps trying to sue for comething you don't fully understand. This is "marketing" look it up, it's a cruel world out there so you have to be smart enough to know the games they play.

not sawying you are wrong about the product but don't be naive.:cry

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