Kymaro uses false advertisement to sell their products.

I saw the advertisement and I thought this product would be able to help me since I have the same problem the women Kymaro uses to advertise their product. When I called to order the product, they wanted my bust size because your size depends on your bust.

Immediately red flag went up because most women like myself have big ***, then I thought maybe it's possible.

I was wrong; the body shaper does not work. The extra material that supposely make your tummy smaller does not do anything for me.

Monetary Loss: $78.

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Jason what you need is a big fat fatty to show you what real lovin is. All bones and no meat makes Jason a dull boy. Maybe if you had some big woman love you would get off the phone and internet and lose some weight because you would be makin love and gettin SATISFIED.


Jason, what you need is a big fat fatty girl to give you some lovins and show you how the big girls play. All bones and no meat makes Jack an unsatified boy. If you were getiin good love you'd get off the phone and internet and lose some weight yourself because makin love and gettin' SATISFIED.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46659

To angry reader. Whether she is a fat a$$ or whether she isn't if she got exercise and ate properly she could lose the weight faster.


To Jason Tillo- You are a ***!!!! You don't know her size, perhaps she just needs a bit of smoothing b/c pigs like you make some women feel bad about their figures.

I figure you have bad karma coming your way so I needn't wish you ill. I hope the women in your life (& if ever even have a wife and daughters) are never subjected to your verbal onslaughts!!!!!!!!!!

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46064

Why don't you stay off the fatty foods *** instead of using products to help you lose weight, on and get off the phone and internet and exercise. That will work and is not a ripoff. I guess your *** are bigger than your brain which makes you a bimbo.

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