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I purchased what I thought was an ideal item to have to help me look slimmer as I try to lose weight through diet and excerise,what was I thinking (to good to be true,and it was)I was charged 39.95 for the body shaper,got 3 free items for the purchase(2 bottom shapers,1 more body shaper)when placing the order they go by your bra size,I couldn't get into the item I purchased,I was charged9.95 for each free item(shipping fee)plus6.95 for rush delivery.This is ***..WTF m

Monetary Loss: $86.

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wow, i knew this thing was jacked becuse they used a graphic thingy model to show diffrence and a real model that she diddnt even need! :roll


I have been in dispute with Kymaro for months over the inferior quality merchandize that I received. I disputed the charge with my credit card company and not only did Kymaro refuse to refund me they lied and said that I had not returned the merchandize which was incorrect becuase I had the tracking information from the post office that confirmed that the package was sent back.

So I am now out of the $86.70 that I paid and I don't even have the items anymore to throw out with the trash which is where they belong.

Kymaro uses inferior quality material that is stiff and stratchy. Plus the results were grossly exaggerated on the infomercial. And yes, I did give the operator my correct size when I ordered the merchandise. For the amount of money that I threw away buying the Kymora, I would have been better served to just buy Spanx or some other quality product that would have worked just as well and definitely felt better.

Don't get fooled by the claims of Kymaro and also know that if you are not satisfied they will not stand behind their product and you will be out of luck and out of your money. I will bet you that the people who were in the infomercial don't wear that junk in real life.


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