I purchased the Kymora Body Shaper, and it DID NOT FIT!! I bought the correct size according to their chart to go on the size clothing that you wear and I couldn't get it on!

It has no stretch or give to it, and the fabric is hard and tough to touch. Who in the wrold would want to wear this thing all day rubbing against their skin under the sensitive breast area!! When I tried to contact the company to request a prepaid return label, NO matter what you do you can't speak to a live person. I left a message and someone finally called back leaving a message with no name or anything.

I also wrote a review for their web site, but of course it said all reviews are subject to management approval. Needless to say mine's was NOT POSTED!! So BE WARE of their "reviews" because honest ones of displeasure are NOT POSTED!!

My advice..DON'T BUY IT!!!!

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