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First of all the ad on T.V is very misleading, you don't buy the top piece and get the others free. They mislead you into calling and then they talk u into it all at the price of $79.00 not $39.99 plus shipping.

And when i got mine and i bought 2 pieces and payed $60.00 and now that i'm returning it ALL i only get back $39.00. THIS is a RIP OFF. Don't buy any of this.

And it doesn't work like they say it does. PISSED OFF IN NC

Monetary Loss: $69.

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Laurel Hill, Florida, United States #12395

Actually, the infomercial does tell you that you have to pay the additional shipping and handling for each product. They also say that if you are not satisfied with your order, return it and they will give you a refund minus the shipping and handling costs.

This is actually how they make their money! You just need to pay more attention to the commercial.

Otsego, Michigan, United States #6107

Thank you T Marks. I was tempted to buy it based on price and promises but you saved me a lot of frustration! :(

Waite Park, Minnesota, United States #4025

Thanks for the thumbs up. I wish i could help you get your money back, but thanks for helping me keep my money in my pocket. Dang, for $80 I can fill up my car, almost twice!

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