To everyone that is complaining about another "scam" regarding the Kymaro Body Slimmer, can you say d-i-e-t? If you hate everything that makes money from your trying to find a quick fix and then being so hateful....try improving yourself and save your money for new clothes if and when you become perfect.

when you reach that point then you can cut everyone and everything down. Geez, what a bunch of babies! Get off your butts and exercise.

People are so quick to try to find the quick fix rather than exert some energy, save their money, stop buying the scams and then complaining...are you afraid of being happy?

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i happened upon this to check out what people are saying about kymaro since i am watching the infomercial thinking it cold help smooth out some trouble spots. i don't think it will make me 2 sizes smaller, just firm up some sloppy areas...but to the original comment, they are saying if you are not completely satisified return it, but you do have to pay shipping.

its a girdle, like a bra, support garment to make you look better, not a replacement for a diet.

the *** who jumped on this person telling them to diet should keep his opinion to himself. what do you not use anything to make yourself appear a bit better than you really are?


If you can't get satisfaction from the company, I suggest you call your bank or visa company and report fraud. If you tried to work witht he company and they didn't come through for you they will refund you money and fight the company themself. You can also research the company and contact the better business in that area.

Cat Spring, Texas, United States #31351


Telling someone to lose weight is not

why people come here.This is a place people can be honest about what they bought and to warn others if they have been scammed- why do you care if the person needs to go on a diet ?

look-out for bad carma!



wow...you must have no life to sit here and write that, you sound like a complete ***! You must get off on stepping on people when they are already down. Please get out of the gym and get a real life, with real people and real friends, then maybe you can have some good karma and quit being mean!


Im sure women know that there is no suck thing as a quick fix, but as women get older it is harder to get rid of "belly rolls" and I do admit that i am not fat, but i still have a few rolls, and i thought this product would help especially when i am sitting down, but please dont accuse people of being lazy.. Just because YOU probably never had a weight problem doesn't make everyone else lazy.

Utena, Utenos Apskritis, Lithuania #27354

I diet & exercise but there are still some spots I would like to smooth out. I have lost 80 pounds so far and am down to a size 8.

The only thing I do not like on my body is my mid-section so I almost bought this product until I saw all the posts on it. I responded to this post because even if you do diet & exercise there are times when you feel you may still need a shaper to help smooth your look.

Never let anyone else make you feel bad about trying to make yourself feel better. Sometimes people do not know the circumstances behind what is going on & it's insenstive to comment on something that you do not know...

Jinzhou, Liaoning, China #27226

"To everyone that is complaining about another "scam" regarding the Kymaro Body Slimmer, can you say d-i-e-t?"

:x Can YOU say S-T-U-P-I-D??? :x

Are you a total *** or something?

The women here are looking for advice and a solution to raise their self esteem, not for some *** to come blazing in here spouting they should save their money and simply "diet"...

Did you even watch the infomercial before you posted that tripe? It clearly showed large women with definite body rolls instantly looking slimmer wearing the body shaper, and looking pretty damned happy about it. Is CLEARLY a case of product misrepresentation, and not consumer stupidity, as you would condescendingly suggest...

Lots of women diet, exersize, as well as eat healthy, and are are still fat... sometimes it's a matter of genetics, and NOT as you so ignorantly suggest as "laziness".

Try reading a good book or something, maybe even consider staying completely offline until you better learn to communicate more positively with the outside populace and not subject the rest of the world with such inane, moronic and ill-informed "advice" as you've deigned to share with us this day.

Zagreb - Centar, Zagreb, Croatia #25417


Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada #24503

There is, it is indicated on a piece of paper that comes with the shaper inside the box, but you have to pay for the shipping.


Sincelejo, Sucre, Venezuela #23884

LMAO! :grin I've seen this infomercial and boy oh boy, if you don't pay attention.

They first measure completely around the girl's waist (where she is most fatty) saying she is 49 inches around and then when she magically appears to be thinned and smoothed from putting the thing on in the dressing room, they measure about 4 inches up from her waist (where she was already skinnier) and say "WOW!

you've lost 9 inches!!" AMAZING! LMAO, i wouldn't buy that thing if my life depended on it.

Monash, South Australia, Australia #23548

Is there a return-if-not-satisfied guarantee on the Kymaro shapers? I received mine & do not like it. Can anyone answer this for me?

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