Up late at night. I could sit forever and watch the infomericial about Kymaro.

Of course I doubted that it would do what the ad claimed but, since I'm such the curious cat, I called in and spent more than I actually wanted but, I really wanted the black...that being said it only took a few days for my package to arrive and, when it did, I ran to put it on and it is the BOMB, baby, I love it, it is so slimming...I am pleased to the 100th power! I strongly suggest that every woman looking for a little "pickmeup" try this product

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I will start off that I do not work for Kymaro, and even though I saw the negitive reviews I bought a nude set on e-bay for $40.00. IT WAS THE BEST FOURTY DOLLARS I EVER SPENT!!

I do not know what size everyone out there is but I am an average women - size 10. I can squeeze into my size 8 jeans but i look like a lumpy mess. I got my package today in the mail. Eagerly I opened it up and tried it on. It went on WONDERFULLY and then off to the closet to get my size 8 Lucky jeans. The looked GREAT. No lumps over the sides, my stomach looked flat. To say the least I was amazed.

I did not expect wonders, and i did not get wonders. I got a GREAT little pick me up!! If you are going to buy this BE REASONABLE WITH YOUR EXPECTATIONS. It is much better than Spanx I own them as well.


I actually like this product. I have bought shapers before and they all have worked. this one is nothing special but it does work :) !

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #34389

I am glad that someone found a bit of happiness with this product. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

This product is NOT a little miracle in a package!!!! :sigh


please be honest misleading people is the wrong way to go


:cry :( :?


hahahaha What a joke! It is sooooo obvious that you work for the company, and you probably got a little "bonus" or a little praise in front of your team members for posting this site on here saying positive things about this hoax of an item!!!

Give me a break!!! :grin This comment is the only positive thing EVER said about this jacked up item, and it is actually hilarious to see how FAKE your review is!!! Seriously, if anyone is reading this right now, take a look at all of the reviews on this gimmick product and compare the numerous negatives compared to the ONE positive that it's own company employee has written on the hoax item. :eek Get real.

Nice try, homie..... but try again!!!!

This Kymaro Body Shaper is WHACK, just like your FAKE review!!! hahahhahhaha


lol...this is the only positive comment i've heard about it! i wanted it so bad! now ...idk.

Ville-Marie, Quebec, Canada #29609

Yeah and what dept do you work at for the company. Relations?

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