I wore the Kymaro for three hours and it chaffed my

front shoulders on top. It stayed at my waist the entire 3 hours all bunched up. If you need an item like this one...go elsewhere. It is awful!!!! I am so glad I only ordered the one piece and did not pay the shipping for all the "free" stuff.

I did order the next size and it still stayed bunched up at the waist. The only thing this item did for me was make my back feel good. It added inches to my waist line.

If you have not ordered....don't.

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Thanks for all the reviews. I was going to order this, but after reading the complaints about shipping(handling)charges I changed my mind.

I did notice they sell the tops at Walmart for $29. I think I'll buy one to see if I like the fit.

I won't need to worry about shipping or return charges. Thanks again everyone for the info.

Martin, Tennessee, United States #9090

I bought the kymaro shape n slim ( dont think that it is different than the body shaper). I bought it on ebay for half of the price.

I think it is actually pretty good. I am 5'8 and 190 lbs so I am overweight but the main thing that I have a problem with is my stomach. I only bought the top half and it really works to hold my stomach in. I bought an xl but it is actually a slight bit big so I might try a large.

It doesnt work miracles but overall I am satisfied especially because I did not pay full price. It is going to look different on everyone because we are all different shapes and sizes but in my opinion it is something that I can wear everyday.

New England, North Dakota, United States #6750

Thanks....!!! I was about to buy be not now. :upset

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