Marion, Virginia

I just got my Kymaro shaper. Used the chart they provided.

I was excited when I received my package. Then disappointed when I tried it on. Its to big. It is actually to long and I still have back fat and love handles.

Okay so I sat and looke at the return/exchange info. And figure how they make there money. if I send it back. I have to pay shipping.

and then I have to pay shipping on new smaller sized items. This is one really expensive set of shapewear. And I didn't feel the material this is made of will last long.

Poor quality over all.

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Should have bought it at Walmart, no shipping on the "return".


I just tried out my body shaper and it did smooth my bulges out, but after about 30 minutes I felt like I was being crushed. It's hard to put on and *** too. I do not recommend this product.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #38316

:roll I Have 7 kids and just had baby 7 5 months ago. I'm 6'2 and weigh 145, I just want something to hide that little baby fat I have. If this isn't a product to use then what is recommended?



I received the body shaper, I have no thoughts of the product at this point. My top fits well, but the bottoms is the problem the bottom is to small, I had a baby 13 months ago, and I go to the gym, I just want to hide the baby fat, until I get rid of the fat by working out.

Before the baby I was a size 12 weighing only 145, now I weigh 197 in a size 18 I look a hot mess. Looking to find a happy medium.

I am going to try a 1X in the bottoms of the body shaper, and then I will report back.

Thank you.

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